Delegate Bulova issues "Message to Mason"

One of Delegate Bulova's campaign signs (courtesy
One of Delegate Bulova's campaign signs (courtesy

Delegate David Bulova, a democratic member of the Virginia House of Delegates representing the 37th District, recorded a “Message for Mason” January 27th for “Take it to the Hill”, a political talk show that airs on WGMU. In his message, Bulova discusses some of the upcoming issues facing the House of Delegates. In the wake of the former Governor Robert McDonnell scandal regarding campaign gifts, Bulova says the House will consider legislation requiring increased transparency for similar contributions. Bulova, a member of the education subcommittee, met with the Board of Visitors for several universities including George Mason’s to discuss keeping tuition affordable and make admission more accessible.

“If you care about or are interested in any of those issues,” Bulova said, “please make sure you get involved and contact me or come to one of my town hall meetings, or email me.”

"Take it to the Hill" airs every Monday at 10PM at

Correction: Audio from the show was added following a comment from John Hill. It was originally intended to be part of the article, but the story's author forgot. Apologies all around.

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