C2M Photo and Video Editor Jake McLernon

Late Night Patriot "Year in Review" [UPDATED]

"Year in Review"

For the last show of the semester, Late Night Patriot hosted a "year in review", showcasing some of the great work the Office of Student Media has published over the 2011-2012 school year. They featured some words of wisdom from University President Alan Merten.

-Video highlights from the "year of change" in news.

-Weather outlook and last minute events to pay attention to in Weekly Rundown.

4/30 Late Night Patriot Broadcast

Is "pandemonium" too strong of a word for this scene in the Patriot Center? Or just right? (Jake McLernon)

Haven't seen the final minute yet of Mason's comeback win against VCU? Already seen it once but want another look? Seen it hundreds of times and can't get enough?

Well, here it is again. Please enjoy carefully.