C2M Video Editor Nathan Garduno

My Two Cents: Will Rose

Will Rose is the Opinion Editor at Connect2Mason. He studies Government and International Politics and, in this semester's last Two Cents, gives some friendly advice for finals week.

VIDEO: My Two Cents - David Noyes

David Noyes, a Boston-area resident and a junior at Mason, talks about the bombings at this year's Boston Marathon. In this two cents, he points to the perseverance of the runners and the community as setting a positive example for future tragic circumstances.

VIDEO: My Two Cents - Kristie Colorado

Kristie Colorado, a senior at Mason, studies Government and International Politics. In this video, Kristie talks about the shortcomings in American education.

My Two Cents: Nicholas Brightwell

Nicholas Brightwell, a senior, studies Government and International Politics at Mason. In this two cents video, he talks about problems within the educational system.

VIDEO: My Two Cents - Mike De Robbio on "Prop 8"

Government and International Politics major Mike De Robbio, a junior, gave his two cents yesterday on the Supreme Court's hearing of Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.

My Two Cents: Jill Carter

Deputy News Editor Jill Carter gives her two cents on the media's coverage of the Steubenville rape case. She raises concerns that, instead of focusing on the victim of rape, the media has focused on the tarnished football careers of the two convicted rapists.

VIDEO: Should large soft drinks be banned?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently proposed banning large soft drinks. When the case was brought to the court a judge said the law was “arbitrary and capricious” and he didn’t allow the bill. We walked around Mason’s campus and asked students, “Do you believe there should a ban on large soft drinks?” 

My Two Cents: Grace Knight

Grace Knight, a junior studying global affairs at George Mason University, speaks briefly on the postal service and its requirement to prepay 75 years worth of pensions.

My Two Cents: Anthony Travieso

Anthony Travieso is a sophomore at George Mason University, where he studies economics. In this video, Anthony gives his two cents on the US-Cuban embargo, as well as explains the current status of the island country.