The Corruption of the SEIU: Beatings, Embezzlement and Intimidation

As the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) continues to invade our campus, I thought it prudent to discuss some of the past transgressions of this evil organization. To the Sodexo workers attempting to unionize with them: you should first get to know your would-be master. It will make all the promises in the world but you’ll end up a patsy to its greed. Its laundry list of offenses includes embezzlement, beatings and intimidation.

History Through a Paper: Over 40 Years of Journalism That Helped Shape a University

It was with a comical obituary notice and a cover letter that read more like a call to arms in the October 06, 1969 issue that The Gunston Ledger became the paper we all read now, Broadside. Mason was nothing more than another college in Virginia; university status was only a dream at the time, but even some back in 1969 knew where the college was destined.

To Believe Or Not To Believe: The Role of Religion in Politics

One of the principles that America is founded on is freedom of religion. People are free to believe in whatever they want. In addition, we also have a separation of church and state, but in reality, I think that’s a joke. We have raging debates about things like gay rights, abortion and stem cell research because of religious preferences; if we had a true separation of church and state, topics like these wouldn’t be a debate at all.

Three more teams to join the Big Dance: Field grows to 68 teams

The National Collegiate Athletic Association made a proposal to finally expand the men’s basketball tournament — by only three spots. The total of 68 teams is far lower than the 96 many people had wanted the total number to be expanded to.

There are a lot of pros and cons that could be used to expanding the men’s tournament to 96 teams, but the NCAA believes that they reached a “happy-medium” with expanding the field to 68. But does expanding the field by three spots really create more excitement?

Lab science requirements are too much

University and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) lab science requirements drive students senselessly far away from their interests.

‘This is about unfair labor practices’

I am writing today in support of the Sodexo workers who have been mobilizing on campus and had a strike last week in response to unfair labor practices at George Mason University. The letter that the Dining Services Committee of Student Government released claims that workers are lying about what has happened to them. How can you sleep with yourself making such bold, unsubstantiated remarks?

The workers’ union must be stopped: Unions are ‘employing scare tactics and intimidation’

The casual observer can see that the campus is currently embroiled in a labor dispute between Sodexo and its employees. At its heart is a disgraceful and thuggish attempt by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to expand its membership by any means necessary. It is time that these disgruntled employees need to quit their jobs or get back to work, thumbing the eye of this brutish union.