Out of control spending: Obama splurging over 30 percent of our GDP

With the massive amount of spending by the federal government, it is clear that we are on an unsustainable path to destruction.

The Obama Administration has been spending money like a freshman with his first credit card; unbeknownst to him, he will have to pay it back in the very near future with interest.

The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) used by the past Bush Administration infused public money into private enterprise, and the floodgates were opened to a range of big spending.

The new Republican movement: America needs a stronger Republican Party

To start with, politics are not something that I usually get involved in. Sure, I’ll have a friendly debate with someone about abortion or stem-cell research, but I generally don’t involve myself with either the Republican or the Democratic political parties. However, I must say that I don’t like what I see on the news these days.

Since the Republicans lost the 2008 presidential election, they’ve seemed like a political party that didn’t have their feet on solid ground.

LETTER FROM THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT: Congratulations to our newly elected officials

Well, student body, the results are in. Your new president and vice president have been decided. On behalf of Student Government, we would like to congratulate D’Leon Barnett and Jacky Yoo on their win. We are sure to see great things from them in the upcoming year. Student Government would also like to congratulate the 2010-2011 student senators.

Also, congratulations to our new supreme dictators of George Mason University: Mhehvish Khan and Jeremy Miller.

Good luck to all of you!

Actions speak louder: Countries snubbed by Obama Administration

It’s been clear for years now that the United States is on the outs with Iran, North Korea and Syria because of disagreements over each of the countries’ respective nuclear programs. However, last week the problems between the U.S. and each of these countries hit a whole new low.

Obama’s war on terror: A review of the president’s terrorism policies

A paramount question of the last presidential election concerned the War on Terror. Neither candidate appeared to support the status quo. John McCain argued for a firmer commitment to our position in Iraq, upwards of 100 years if necessary.

The birds and the lights: Mason’s battle against nature

One of the things that I love about George Mason University is that we’re constantly upgrading and improving our campus. One thing that we can say about our campus is that we always have a lot of construction going on.

Recently, Mason has decided to upgrade the streetlights and replace them with brighter ones. At first look, this seems like a good move, however, the installation of these new lights may have some unforeseen consequences.

Mason student strives to prevent sexual assaults: What students should know during this awareness month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and it is time that the student body steps up its efforts to end these atrocious acts. This is a difficult topic to stomach because many people know someone who has been a victim, and the subject matter is unpleasant.

College students are unique because they hear about sexual assault more often than most people as a result of the sexualized and social environment in which they live. While extremely difficult to talk about, the George Mason University community needs to face these problems and commit to finding workable solutions.

Letters to the editor: ‘Lalputan only used Google to find terms.’

I understand that everyone has his or her own opinions, but I was very unnerved when I read “New Age Cyberbullying.” I have researched cyberbullying on multiple occasions, and it was apparent to me that Justin Lalputan only used Google to find key terms. He did not really investigate what cyberbullying was or how it has been used.