WAVES sends students off with tips to keep safe over spring break

While Spring Break can be fun and relaxing, it can prove to be dangerous to some college students. WAVES held safety awareness events during the week of March 2 to help prepare students for Spring Break.

One of the events was called “Sex on the Beach.” Named after the fruity cocktail, Sex on the Beach was an informative event that discussed the dangers of mixing alcohol with sexual activity. According to statistics, 50 to 72 percent of sexual assault perpetrators were under the influence of alcohol in sexual assault cases amongst college students.

OPINION: Why America needs the conversations started by Miley Cyrus

Everyone loves a hot mess. Whether it’s Britney Spears shaving her head or Amanda Bynes’s newest tweet, we—including myself—love watching our favorite Hollywood starlets take a ride on the struggle bus. If it is not for the pure entertainment, it is in the hopes that someday they will get their act together; And I’m still rooting for team Lindsay.