POLL: What Type of Caffeine Do Students Prefer?

Caffeine addiction feels like an essential part of many American college students' lives. This week, Fourth Estate Lifestyle will be covering how caffeine impacts Mason campus and how it affects our bodies and the brains that we use this drug to stimulate.

De-stress over finals

As the end of the semester approaches, assignments start to pile up, and the annual “De-Stress” events begin to pop up all over the Mason campus. By now, students are beginning to feel the stress that accompanies the final exam period. However, stress and anxiety don’t have to be hallmarks of the season. Here are a few ways to ease the tension and stress you may be feeling:

Stress is a common theme for students

Clusters of students huddled over their laptops or flipping through textbook pages until early hours of the morning is a typical scene in the Johnson Center Library at Mason. It’s also common to see Facebook statuses relaying the same message: papers, exams and projects are stressing students out.

But it isn’t just schoolwork frazzling the nerves of students. There is a plethora of other factors causing stress around Mason as well.

Our gift and answer to all your studying woes

Beginning to think you should have your own cot in the library? Or that the overnight employees at Starbucks are getting sick of you, even if you're paying a majority of their paychecks?

We know this is the time of the year where you want to slam shut your textbook, wave your fist in the air and cry out, "Darn you, December."

It doesn't have to be.