Mason Ke Rang dance team is anything but normal

Mason's Ke Rang dance team is a unique blend of traditional Indian dancing mixed with hop-hop (photo by Hannah Kreider).
Mason's Ke Rang dance team is a unique blend of traditional Indian dancing mixed with hop-hop (photo by Hannah Kreider).

Mason Ke Rang is anything but your average dance team. This past week Connect2Mason was able to sit in on one of the team’s practices. Within the first 10 seconds anyone would be hooked.

Mason Ke Rang claimed first place at last year’s International Week Dance Competition, coming in as an underdog as their first year competing. MKR proved themselves as a force to be reckoned with by surpassing the expectations of the competition and challenging the traditional norms of dance within the Mason community.

Mason Ke Rang is a fusion dance team, with a mix of classical Indian dance and hip-hop elements. Having teammates from a wide range of backgrounds has allowed for a unique blend of classic Indian dance techniques ranging from all different areas of Northern, Southern and Western India.

In collaboration with more popular hip-hop music, MKR brings an entirely new dynamic to Mason. Over the past 20 years, the phenomena of the fusion dance team began on the West Coast of the United States and since has progressively transitioned to the East Coast.

Mason Ke Rang, literally meaning “Colors of Mason,” represents diversity through a wide range of students from both Mason and Northern Virginia Community College. Team captain and founding member, Laya Murali, is a current senior psychology major at Mason. Seeking to immerse herself in the community of Mason, Laya began MKR her junior year with the help of two close friends.

“My biggest accomplishment was that I was able to bring people together,”  Murali said.

MKR has proved itself to be anything but your average dance team. Having prepped only two weeks prior to last year's International Week Dance Competition, the team has continued the tradition into this year as well.

MKR practices for this year's International Week dance competition (photo by Hanna Krieder). 

Over the past year the team has grown and developed substantially. Through speaking with sophomore member Jotie Dillon, it was learned that the team has progressively become more of a family.

The close-knit nature of the team has also proven to be one the team’s greatest strengths. Despite different personalities, the team has been able accommodate these differences while also maintaining a fun dynamic.

Mason Ke Rang seeks to offer a wide range of students the opportunity of being involved.

“Not everyone’s a dancer, most people just came in wanting to learn,” said Murali. “It’s a win-win for us. The greater awareness we’re able to get out the more chance we have of having more students wanting to get involved.”

As the end of the year draws near, MKR will be performing again at this year’s International Week and then traveling to Virginia Beach to compete in another competition.

MKR will be performing at 1:10 p.m. in The Center For Performing Arts this upcoming Tuesday. Tickets must be attained prior to the performance at a limit of two free tickets per student.

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