Students 'eat and greet' with city officials

Student Government member Daniel Boger chats happily with Councilman David Meyer and City of Fairfax Marketing Manager Joanna M. Ormesher. (Jake McLernon)

Mason Student Government and the Fairfax City Council agreed that fostering long-term relationships between the two groups is of utmost importance when members met to “Eat and Greet” Tuesday in the Johnson Center.

The event, organized by Student Government’s Mason-Affairs-and-State-Outreach-and-Networking-Committee, was aimed at bringing student representatives together with city leaders in an informal environment.

“This is a great way to develop understanding between members of our council and Mason’s own council members,” City of Fairfax marketing manager Joanna Ormesher said. “It allows students to interact with city officials professional to professional.”

Ormesher said both the students and the council members are the first point of contact for each of their respective constituencies, which is a common tie between the two groups, making their meeting all the more important.

Nathan Dorfman, M.A.S.O.N. Committee Chair, was pleased with the comfortable interaction between Student Government members and City Council members. Dorfman said the student attendees seemed passionate about future outreach opportunities with city officials.

“I’d even like to get the entire student body involved at some of the events, not just Student Government,” Dorfman said. “I feel that it is important for us as a community to have an opportunity to meet with local officials.”

Dorfman said City Hall’s proximity to campus is a reason why these groups shouldn’t be distance in their relationship, not to mention the number of Mason students who live and spend time in the city.



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