C2M Managing Editor Adam Sylvain

Project creates more than 12,000 harvester packs for families in South Sudan

Last Thursday, Oct. 20, “Love South Sudan” brought together hundreds of volunteers in the Mason community to assist in creating seed packets to send to South Sudanese families.

Mason Cru hosting 'Love South Sudan' event in the HUB Thursday [VIDEO]

Lindsey Grathwol talks to C2M about tomorrow's "Love South Sudan" event. This video is also posted on the YouTube channel (Jake McLernon).

The humanitarian aid project, Love South Sudan, begins tomorrow morning, Thursday, Oct. 20, in the HUB (formerly SUB II) ballroom.

Drake concert cancelled, refunds to be issued by Patriot Center beginning this week

The scheduled fall concert performance by Drake, set for November, has been cancelled by the artist. Students will be able to obtain a refund for purchased tickets from the Patriot Center this week (chickswithguns).

Mason helping to promote 'Community Immunity,' campaign urging students to receive flu vaccine

Mason is assisting Fairfax County in promoting “Community Immunity,” a flu vaccination campaign, urging students to receive their flu shot. To promote the initiative, vaccination clinics are being held on all three campuses this fall.

TRB columnist Timothy Noah to speak about income inequality

Amidst string of Occupy Wall Street protests, current TRB columnist at the New Republic, Tim Noah, will be speaking to students about income inequality.

Mike Morrison previews Mason Madness [VIDEO]

Mike Morrison says the basketball team might be planning a surprise performance and students should come to the Patriot Center tonight to find out. (Jake McLernon)

Mason men’s basketball senior forward, Mike Morrison, took time after a class this week to preview Mason Madness, the Patriots basketball opening event Friday night at the Patriot Center.

Discounted Drake tickets go on sale

Mason students Rosa Fazio and Anthony McLean, both from New Jersey, meet in a line for Drake concert tickets Friday morning outside the Hub. The line extended from inside Original Burger Company and started down the side sidewalk. (Kevin Loker)

'Love South Sudan!' seeks to join Mason community in humanitarian aid effort

Mason Cru, a Christian ministry organization, and the Global Aid Network (GAIN) are partnering in a humanitarian project, called “Love South Sudan!” The initiative calls upon the Mason community to help create “harvester packets” to send to families in South Sudan.

Mason senior Brandon Showell and his group '4Shore' creating buzz on FOX's 'The X Factor'

Mason senior Brandon Showell and his group "4Shore" are competing on FOX's "The X Factor" attempting to become winners of a $5 million recording contract.

Mason community mourns passing of professor and alumnus, Ricci Heishman

George Mason University announced this week Department of Computer Science professor Ricci Heishman has passed away following a battle with a cancer. Heischman was also a Mason alumnus, receiving a PhD from the Volgenau School of Engineering.