Star service sets Tex-Mex restaurant apart

Sometimes, you just need a burrito.

Located in the Main Street Marketplace, near the TJ Maxx right off the Green 2 CUE bus line (about a 20-30 minute walk from campus), the Coyote Grille in Fairfax offers a variety of Tex-Mex cuisine in a fun, casual dining environment. Our experience wasn’t the best because we went when it was busy, but this does not mean we had a bad time.

Local Thai restaurant with surprising decor stuns taste buds

Without a doubt, Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines. Ever since it opened, I have been looking forward to going to Sisters Living Room Café in Old Town Fairfax. Unfortunately, I never had  the chance to try it until this past Saturday. It was an experience worth waiting for.

The restaurant, located at 4004 University Drive, is easily accessible by riding the Green 2 CUE bus or walking 15-20 minutes from the Fairfax campus.

Dining changes welcome students back for spring semester

The initial phases of Mason’s update to its dining facilities are starting to appear around campus this semester. The biggest changes thus far have taken place in the Johnson Center. In preparation for further renovations, Hot Spot and Sprouts were moved to the Hub where Original Burger was previously located. Original Burger was permanently closed.

Changes to Ultimate Meal Plan cause confusion among students

Mason students with the “Ultimate” meal plan may be in for a shock the next time they try to swipe in their friends at Southside.

Students still have unlimited access to Southside; however, they will only be able to swipe their ID card once every 30 minutes. The change was made after the Mason Card office noticed that students were sharing their meal swipes at Southside with their friends.

Mason dining signs new contract with Sodexo

Mason Dining signed a new contract with Sodexo this week to replace the old one that was to expire in 2014. The $400 million contract will be in place for 10 years. The new contract will implement many changes across campus.

“The spring will be exciting as the program starts,” said Mark Kraner, executive director of Campus Retail and Auxiliary Enterprises.

Mason renews Sodexo contract

After a year of negotiation, Sodexo was given the contract to manage the dining operations at George Mason University. Sodexo has managed Mason’s dining since 1988, but faced competition from Chartwells when the contract came up for review in 2012.

UPDATE: University makes headway on efforts to donate unused meal plans

After months of planning and discussion with various university departments, George Mason University is making headway towards implementing a program that would allow students and faculty to voluntarily donate their unused meal plans.

Student Government unanimously passed a bill on Thursday, April 18 in favor of implementing the Patriot 2 Patriot program proposed by sophomore Yara El Mowafy.

Mason Dining seeks new solutions for waste management and sustainability

Mason Dining hosted a meeting on Monday, March 25 to brainstorm ideas with students on the future of local food purchasing and food waste at George Mason University.

Ben McElhaney, Mason Dining’s sustainability coordinator, led the meeting in order to hear suggestions for improving the university's food waste reduction system and continuing sustainability on campus.

The current Southside Food Waste Project uses a pulper, hydro-extractor and dehydrator to turn dining waste into a powdered substance.

Overview of March 20 Board of Visitors meeting

Dining contract delayed

At a March 20 meeting, the Board of Visitors delayed a final decision to its ongoing dining contract negotiations. The university had been deciding whether or not to renew Sodexo’s contract or to choose a new company, Chartwells.

As of December 2012, Sodexo has been working with Mason for 25 years.

Students petition for school to donate unused meal plans

A program is in the works that will allow George Mason University students to redistribute a percentage of their unused meal plans to homeless students on campus.

The program, called Patriot 2 Patriot, proposes that unused money from pre-paid meal plans be redistributed into a university fund. Only students who prove financial need in compliance with the Financial Aid Office policy will be able to utilize the funds.