OPINION: Free speech zones and the struggle for freedom of expression

It is election season, and many students are asking: Why vote?

In 2008, voter turnout for 18-24 year olds reached a high of 49 percent, and many analysts predict this number to return to a more lackadaisical norm for 2012. While colleges are often considered the bastions of liberal arts and free speech, the condensing of First Amendment rights to a “free speech zone” on campus have hindered, rather than encouraged, civic engagement.

OPINION: Kaine empathizes with American people, Allen falls short

The very fact that George Allen has primarily run his campaign touting his record and credentials as a responsible “fiscal conservative” is perhaps the most ridiculous assertion I have heard all campaign season, and that is saying something. The best comparable analogy would be General Pinochet boasting about his stellar human rights record. As is often the case in politics, Allen’s rhetoric about being such an ardent deficit hawk simply fails to match reality.

OPINION: Why Allen is the better choice for United States Senate

As George Allen recently said in his debate against Tim Kaine, “will we continue to decline, or ascend again?” These are words which frequently resonate in the heads of concerned Americans. The national debt has been rising at a historic rate and unemployment has been high for the last few years. Speaking as a college student, I feel that it is important to look at the state of our economy as we will soon be searching through the job market.

Eastwood's RNC speech embodies ridiculousness in the Republican Party

Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention was emblematic of the absurdity that has plagued the Republican Party in recent years. Lack of preparedness aside, Eastwood gave a speech in which he did two things: he hypocritically declared his support for Mitt Romney and created a personality for President Obama that Republicans wish exists even though it does not.

SG ballot removal finalized after second appeal fails

The faculty review board tasked with the second stage of an appeal process upheld the Student Government Election and Disputes Commission’s decision to remove Michael Jordan and Donald Garrett’s ticket from the ballot for next year’s student body president and vice president.

76 ballots counted in new University precinct

Signs posted in University Hall direct students to the new polling location in the building. (Jake McLernon)

Only 76 out of 996 registered voters in this year’s election cast ballots in the newly formed University precinct, according to unofficial Election Day returns released by the Fairfax County government.

Bowers, Yoo elected Student Government presidency, vice-presidency

The President-Elect and Vice President-Elect. (Jake McLernon)

The George Mason Student Government Elections and Disputes Commission announced that Allyson Bowers has won the position of Student Body President. Her runningmate, Jacky Yoo, will be the Vice President.

Spots remain open in Student Government election

Student Government currently has 23 candidates running for 30 open positions for next year's Senate. As a result, due to a lack of competition, these candidates will all automatically win their election bids. 

Read more on Broadside Online.

Fimian concedes to Connolly

It’s now clear who will represent Virginia’s 11th congressional district in the 112th Congress after Republican Keith Fimian officially conceded the election to incumbent Democrat Gerry Connolly today.

The race between Connolly and Fimian had been too close to call since election night, even with Connolly having a slight advantage that led him to unofficially declare victory that night.

Mason’s Fairfax campus sits in the 11th congressional district.

Vote Vans running today

George Mason Student Government is sponsoring Vote Vans today to transport students to local poll sites. The vans leave Sandy Creek Parking Deck all day until 7 p.m.