Support to extend benefits to LGBTQ faculty, staff shown by administrators, students, staff

In the months leading up to the November state elections, Mason’s faculty senate, president and student government spoke out about their desire to see health benefits extended fully to LGBTQ faculty and staff.

Under Virginia’s current constitution, Mason cannot extend health benefits to the partners and families of LGBTQ faculty and staff members because of how the commonwealth defines marriage.

State policies prohibit the university from using state money for practices that conflict with state law.

Audio & Video: Behind the scenes of Mason's 2013 Drag Show

Did you attend this year's Pride Week Drag show? Connect2Mason Enteratinment Editor Helena Okolicsanyi recently sat down with the show's producer Alex Gant along with two student performers to give an insider's look into what goes on behind the scenes of putting on this large, campus-wide event. [Video at bottom of page.]

Pride Week event highlights overlooked LGBTQ African-American authors

The stories of black gay and lesbian writers are often erased from history. Even when homosexual, black authors have been included in history, like Langston Hughes, their sexuality is often erased from their narrative. American students often learn about Hughes’ poems such as “A Dream Deferred,” but rarely do they hear about his poem “Café 3am” which describes police brutality against the gay community.

Some Pride with that? A look into Mason's 2013 Pride week.

As April comes around, so brings on the “month of weeks.” Each April, George Mason University’s Fairfax campus turns into a celebration of the diversity that our campus holds.

Outloud Magazine covers issues pertaining to LGBTQ community

The Office of Student Media is premiering a new publication this Wednesday, Outloud Magazine. The magazine covers a variety of issues pertaining to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) community at George Mason University.

This is the inaugural issue of the magazine.


Students participate in Day of Silence

Mason students on Friday participated in the National Day of Silence. Here freshman Ashley Rezai wears a sign to show that she is taking part in the nationwide event. (Jake McLernon)

Students across the George Mason University campus participated in The National Day of Silence on April 15.

Students celebrate Pride Week

Update: April 8, 1:54 p.m.

Students across campus have been celebrating Pride Week over the last few days. C2M's Alicia Thayer stopped by the LGBT Resource Carnival on Tuesday where guests were able to find out information about LGBT organizations, volunteer opportunities and services, and filmed the event.