Student Senate

Student Senate delays action on "Access Mason"

On Oct.10, a resolution to support the creation of a program, “Access Mason” failed 2-13 in Student Senate due to a lack of information about the program. Access Mason was designed to enlighten high school students, who otherwise might not be considering college as an option, into what  the experience of attending college is like, how they can afford it and the opportunities a college degree provides.

Freshmen prepare for Student Senate elections

In less than a week, freshmen and transfer students running for Student Senate will begin campaigning. The candidates will have the chance to campaign over social media and on campus to win support until voting  begins on October 15.

Student government explores new decision making policies

On September 7, the Student Senate created a task force to find new ways of representing the student body in forming university policies.

“The Student Senate of George Mason University supports the exploration of a shared governance model that brings students, faculty, staff, and administrators to the decision making table,” read the resolution passed by the Student Senate.

Even though student government represents the student body, it has no power to implement its policies.

SG campaigning begins with new spending limits, write-in rules

Campaigns for next year’s Student Government's executive and senate positions began Monday with new rules requiring documentation for write-in candidates and limits on campaign spending.

Lawsuit over Student Government secret ballots shot down

A lawsuit filed over secret ballot voting in Mason Student Senate appointments was shot down by a Fairfax County judge over an error in who the complaint was filed against, according to a recent Broadside report.

UPDATE: Ten new SG Senators elected Wednesday evening

Ballots for the Student Government Senate fall election went out Monday to students by e-mail and according to the Chairman of the Elections and Dispute Commission, turnout has been high so far.

The election is for 10 new senate positions in Student Government. The candidates are all either freshman or transfer students.

Voting opened online Monday and will end at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday.