[MCN] The Pressbox features Mason students discussing college and professional sports

Mason students Vandie Barnard, Perry Buckley, Lyndse Hokanson, DeMonte Shaw and Andre Steven discuss an array of sports topics, including Mason athletics and professional sports on their new Mason Cable Network show, The Pressbox

Election 2012 Live Coverage

On November 6, 2012, the presidential election will finally come to an end, and the country will elect its next president.

The Office of Student Media will be bringing you complete coverage of election results from the Johnson Center Atrium and from around campus.


Campus Channel 231

Watch live events and broadcasts here!


Expressions of the Holocaust Dinner LIVE FEED

'Dancing with Patriots' airs on MCN, online

Didn't catch the first episode of the student-made show on the campus's dance clubs?  The reality dancing program 'Dancing with the Patriots' begins its four-episode run Monday on the Mason Cable Network, but you can also watch it online on Connect2Mason.


'Dancing with the Patriots' to premiere Monday

Grab your remote and prime your dancing shoes. The reality dancing program 'Dancing with the Patriots' begins its four-episode run Monday on the Mason Cable Network. 

Mason Professor's Exhibit Showcases Political Imagery from Berlin Wall

Mason Associate Professor of History and Art History Marion Deshmukh has opened a new exhibit at the Goethe Institute in Washington, DC. Iconoclash: Political Imagery from the Berlin Wall to German Unification displays images of the political environment in Cold War Germany and will be on display until Jan. 8, 2010.

Mason Cable Network Advisor David Miller created two videos about the event.


MCN Interviews Newly Elected Dev & Tyler

Mason Cable Network recently sat down with Student Government President Devraj Dasgupta and Vice President Tyler King to learn about their election and their plans for the future.

Meet the Shakespeares

Check out this sketch from the latest live Mason Cable Network show, featuring a "dramatic end to a dramatic family." Watch campus cable channel 89 every Thursday night for more live entertainment.

Meet The Shakespeares from Stratospherikal on Vimeo.

Dinner with President Merten

Ever wondered what it would be like to have dinner with President Alan Merten? Watch this MCN video from the Fall to see what it was like for one lucky group of students.

Dinner with Merten from Mason Cable Network on Vimeo.

MCN Live: Real Reality TV

Watch a clip from the latest live Mason Cable Network Show, and be sure to tune in every Thursday night around 8 p.m. to watch it in real time.

Real Reality Show from Stratospherikal on Vimeo.