An Automatic Classic

When history looks back on ’90s alternative rock, the word “fleeting” will likely define much of the genre’s music. The decade produced some incredible work, but not without its price.

Many bands released an exceptional breakthrough album, then failed to recreate that initial magic and spent the rest of their career in stagnation.

Sigismondi resurrects The Runaways: First-time director conquers passion project

Floria Sigismondi is most known for her direction of music videos such as Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People.” But after April 9, Sigismondi will be known for something much bigger: her first feature film.

Sigismondi has been an artist from a very young age. “I would look at a paintbrush and just have to touch it, or use it,” she said. As a child, Sigismondi painted and drew, but as she grew up, her passion turned to photography.

Come on, feel the noise: Five bands, one night, one chance for the ultimate gig

The coveted spot to play a gig at Mason Day is up for grabs once again. So apply some eye liner, wash your heavy metal t-shirt of choice that’s at the bottom of your closet and get your devil’s horn wrist control down because battle of the bands is coming to George Mason University.

The free event, which will be held in Dewberry Hall on Thursday from 8-10 p.m., will give five bands the chance to prove that all those late nights in the garage practicing weren’t just an excuse to rebel against their parents and get chicks.

The Runaways primed to scare off the competition: Young starlets bring rock ‘n’ roll to life

The Runaways will shock and sometimes disgust, but it will keep you entertained the entire time.

The film tells the story of the famed ’70s rock band formed by Joan Jett (played by Twilight’s Kristen Stewart) and follows them through the good times, the hard times and all the rock and roll along the way.

Stewart has come a long way from her role in the famous tween vampire saga. She is convincing, empowering and all around awe-striking in her performance as the sexually confused rock star.

Causing mass Hysteria

Let me take you back nearly 30 years to the era of the much underappreciated and misunderstood glam-metal genre.

Its heyday lay between the glitzy, extravagant and unapologetic years of 1981 and 1989, characterized by titans like Great White, Cinderella, Winger, Firehouse and L.A. Guns.

This was a time of rampant androgyny, of tight spandex pants and their essential bulges.

Public confessions get loud at open mic night: Pride Week event gives performers the chance to confess personal struggles and cultural insight

Open Mic Night is a Pride Week event dedicated to bringing people of all genders and expressions together to share music, poetry, comedy or art in front of an audience of their peers.

Cheese, crackers and fruits were served as students, faculty and staff situated themselves in front of the stage at the Johnson Center Bistro Thursday night. Although the turnout wasn’t as high as anticipated, there was plenty of fun and good spirit in the air. Acts ranged from poetry, spoken word and singing to comedy and a metal band.

Zero to 88 Degrees: Hot Tub Time Machine as predictable as its name

Back in January, I was invited to attend an early screening of a little film called Hot Tub Time Machine. It was a rough cut and was, well, a little rough.

The editing required tightening and a few story issues needed to be resolved. Now it has been completed and the finished product is, well, still a little rough.

Broadside Interviews: Clark Duke of Hot Tub Time Machine

Starring alongside best friend Michael Cera in the Internet series Clark and Michael is only the beginning of Clark Duke’s story.

With the underappreciated Sex Drive and hit television show Greek under his belt, not to mention the highly anticipated film Kick Ass on the horizon, Duke is proving himself to be one of the most promising up-and-coming actors in Hollywood.

Broadside recently chatted with Duke about his new movie Hot Tub Time Machine and the difference between television and film.

Will the real Bon Jovi please stand up?

Jon Bon Jovi is perhaps most responsible for ushering in the short-lived but ridiculously popular hair metal genre in the mid – late ’80s. While that may not be the greatest compliment in this day and age, it’s nevertheless a fantastic personal achievement.