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New integrative research facility to house CHHS

The College of Health and Human Services will soon be housed in a new comprehensive building. The building, whose construction is set to begin in September 2014 on the Fairfax campus, will provide the foundations for a new health research facility that will contain classrooms, research labs and a community clinic.

Partnership with INTO may double international student population, increase revenue

Mason’s international student population may soon double thanks to a new partnership with INTO University Partnerships.

The for-profit, British organization assists universities in boosting the number of inter- national students they enroll, as well as working to improve the quality of education for international students. Currently, INTO has partnerships with five universities in the United States.

Support to extend benefits to LGBTQ faculty, staff shown by administrators, students, staff

In the months leading up to the November state elections, Mason’s faculty senate, president and student government spoke out about their desire to see health benefits extended fully to LGBTQ faculty and staff.

Under Virginia’s current constitution, Mason cannot extend health benefits to the partners and families of LGBTQ faculty and staff members because of how the commonwealth defines marriage.

State policies prohibit the university from using state money for practices that conflict with state law.

Mason's endowment numbers lower than other comparable universities

As part of the university’s new strategic plan, Mason officials are campaigning to increase endowments. Currently, Mason’s endowment is fairly small compared to other Virginia public universities.

Mason is on track to reach its goal of increasing endowment by 10 percent in the next year, but administrators and officials are looking even further into the future.

“It’s not just about this year, it’s about making sure that you do it year after year after year,” said Jim Laychak, the associate vice president of University Advancement.

Student Senate passes resolution to benefit same-sex couples

At their November 7 meeting, the Mason Student Senate passed a resolution in support of extending Virginia marriage benefits to homosexual couples employed by the university. 

As stated in the legislation, the federal government recognizes marriages of same-sex couples who are married in states where it is legal, even if the couples move to states where it is not. However, Virginia deems all homosexual relationships “null and void” and does not recognize those couples legally married in other states.

Co-curricular learning model on the horizon

Mason’s University Life department is spearheading a new initiative to develop co-curricular learning as part of their five-year strategic plan.

While not a part of the regular curriculum, a co-curricular activity enhances and applies the knowledge learned in the classroom.

Poll: How do you pick classes?

What factors influence your decision when picking classes? Comment below with how you find your information (friends, catalog, ratemyprofessor, etc).

Mason Board of Visitors “Ahead of the Curve” on new Virginia law

The Virginia Legislature passed a bill earlier this month that sets forth mandatory requirements for state university governing boards, including Mason’s Board of Visitors.

The bill, #1952, requires governing boards to be transparent in regards to board meetings. However, Rector Clemente, the head of Mason’s Board of Visitors, claims that these requirements are nothing new for them.

Governor Bob McDonnell announces new Virginia Center for Excellence in Teaching at Fairfax campus

Governor Bob McDonnell announced on Oct. 21 that the new Virginia Center for Excellence in Teaching will be located on Mason’s Fairfax campus.

The center and its future programs will focus primarily on providing resources to experienced K-12 teachers looking to take a leadership role in their local education community. Doors will open in June 2014 for an initial program involving 100 outstanding teachers from across the state.

Study abroad program features National Geographic explorers

Mason’s school for Conflict Analysis and Resolution recently announced a new study abroad program in collaboration with National Geographic Explorers.

For the first time ever, the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution will include National Geographic Explorers on their yearly trip to Israel and Palestine in Jan. 2014.

CRDC Executive Director Aziz Abu Sarah helped establish this collaboration between National Geographic and Mason.