It’s All About You: Britt Wright Gets Personal on WGMU

Monday seems to be the most dreaded day of the week for students. But not for Britt Wright.

Wright is a weekly DJ and host of his very own radio show on George Mason University’s WGMU. The title of his show is The Wright Hour, an hour-long show airing every Monday from 5 to 6 p.m.

Wright’s show is entirely about you. You tell him what you want to discuss and what you want to hear, and he’ll make it happen for you . . . with a spin of his own style.

Magic: The Gathering a Card Game Bringing Students Together

We’ve all seen them, we’ve all heard them and we’ve all judged them, but does anyone actually know them?

For most students, the bottom level of SUB I is a place to get a quick bite to eat, grab a drink after a long day of class or play a game of pool to unwind. But for a certain group of students, it’s a place where they can be themselves.

Radiohead’s debut not so sweet

To everyone who’s sung the song “Creep” on Rock Band and called themselves a Radiohead fan, I ask you this: Where did it all begin?

For over 18 years, the English alternative rock band has been writing, recording and performing music, gaining worldwide recognition for their unique style and experimental sound.

But where did it all begin? The band’s debut album, Pablo Honey, was released in February 1993, after they signed a six album record deal with the British record label EMI.

Denzel returns to Broadway in Fences

In Denzel Washington’s riveting return to stage acting, both he and fellow thespians Viola Davis and Mykelti Williamson appear in the Broadway revival of the 1983 Pulitzer Prize-winning play Fences.

The play, written by famed playwright August Wilson, will officially open up today, April 26, and will run for 13 weeks at Cort Theatre in New York City.

A festival of dramatic proportions

On April 23 and 24, the Department of Theater and the GMU Players presented the Fourth Annual 10-Minute Play Festival. Taking place on the TheaterSpace stage in the Performing Arts building, the show was broken up into two acts
Each act was composed of four plays, of which two tended to be comedy-driven and two that were dramatic. The plays covered a plethora of topics, ranging from imaginary boyfriends to a broken medical system.

BROADSIDE INTERVIEWS: Chris Rock & Tracy Morgan: Iconic comedians talk about their new film, growing older and family

In the heavily anticipated American remake of the 2007 British comedy Death at a Funeral, Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan and many other well-known actors have come together to show the importance of family and acceptance, while still making us laugh.

Last week, I had the privilege of sitting in on a conference-call interview with both Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan, and I listened as they shared stories about the movie and their experiences while shooting it.

Death follows its predecessor well: American remake lives up to the original

I am not afraid to admit my hesitation before seeing the American re-make of the 2007 British comedy Death at a Funeral.

The thought “how could anything be funnier?” crossed my mind. However, this Neil LaBute-directed version kept true to its adaption, and kept the laughs going.

The new Death at a Funeral did what remakes are meant to do but rarely accomplish – it took out what didn’t work in the first one.

Kaleidoscope secures Mason Day gig

There can only be one. Five bands came to compete in George Mason University’s musical gauntlet, but only one would go onto the final stage.

Last Thursday, House of Echo, Rites of Ash, I Am the Kaleidoscope, Find the Focus and The Automatics shared two dueling stages in Dewberry Hall. The rules were plain and simple. The last band standing would be promised a gig of musical prominence at this year’s Mason Day fesitivites.

Kicking out the Tuesday Jams: Small turnout ends up ‘adventurous’

It was not exactly the ideal type of day for an outdoor jam session.

The afternoon was sunlit and windy, temperatures reached up to the 90s and the wind blew so strongly that hats and class papers were flying all over the place. Not the best conditions for a concert.

Nor was it the most intimate. The venue is located outside of the campus Starbucks, next to a dormitory staircase exit. Occasionally, the sound of students shutting the door would interrupt the flow of the music.