Student Life

Cindy Vasquez: 'Keep You Heads In the Books, But Enjoy Your Time to the Fullest'

With her vivacious and captivating personality, it’s impossible not to be drawn to Cindy Vasquez’s aura.

Though she’s small and fun-sized, this extraordinary young lady carries responsibilities twice her size. As the first born in her family, Vasquez not only has three younger siblings to set a good example for, but has parents who expect her to fulfill all of her heart’s desires.

Dionne Foster: 'Your College Experience Is What You Make of It'

As May is upon us, anticipation for graduation is increasing for seniors who are ready to leave George Mason University behind and enter the “real world”. This is no exception for senior Dionne Foster. With the end of the school year approaching fast, Foster is excited to be graduating and is starting to look towards the future.

Mateen Ashparie: 'Dream Big'

Mateen Ashparie is a junior at George Mason University, recently transferred from NOVA Community College. He is majoring in biology, and hopes to get into medical school. With his medical degree, Ashparie says, “I want to one day become the sports medicine physician for my favorite NFL team, the Washington Redskins.” When asked about the impossibility of this goal, he replied concisely, “Dream big.”

Denise Ammaccapane: The Chef: 'Reliable, Knowledgeable, Responsive and Always Makes Herself Available'

Strolling down Patriot Circle on a frigid Saturday evening in a customized and personalized white PT cruiser is not only President Alan Merten who waves to onlookers of the Homecoming Parade but also the proud owner of the vehicle, Denise Ammaccapane.

“I was always told I needed a hobby,” said Ammaccapane in her clear-cut Jersey accent. “I needed a car.”

A car is what she found, and now it is her pride and joy, one that she gives the name “Va-nilla,” the “Va” standing for Virginia.

Kemisha Denny: Transfer 'The Only Thing That Turned Me Off About Mason Was That It Didn't Have a Football Team'

Loving and outgoing, Kemisha Denny, a 21-year-old junior, majoring in athletic training, reflects on her first semester experiences here at Mason as a transfer student, sharing her interests, hobbies and goals.

She attended Dean College, a small college institute in Franklin, Mass., where she realized that a two-year college program was not enough, and that she needed to transfer to a four-year program of higher education.

Farhana Jamil: Supermom: 'I Take Classes and Scramble to Do Homework'

Cooking, cleaning, working, mothering and going to graduate school are no easy tasks for just anyone. Some say that only a person with super qualities could do that. Someone like Supermom.

And that is exactly what Farhana Jamil, 36, is commonly referred to among her family and friends. Jamil, a George Mason University graduate student is studying information systems. She graduated with a Bachelors in management information systems from Mason in 2004 and currently works as a Software Engineer at Verizon.

Drew Duke: 'The Goosefather'

In high school, senior communication major Drew Duke enjoyed producing, directing and editing films, but he never realized that he could make a career out of it until he came to George Mason University. Now on campus, Duke has developed a reputation for his work and has been recognized by students on campus for his achievements.

Catherine Luensmann: 'I want to Travel to As Many Countries As Possible'

It’s a normal Monday, and Catherine Luensmann wakes up to her alarm at 7 a.m. Her classes at George Mason University start at 9 a.m., and last until 5:15 p.m. Her weekly schedule usually runs along these lines, whether it is a workday or a school day, just like most of us.

Born in Tacoma, Wash., her family moved to the homeland of her mother when Luensmann was a little over a year old.