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LiveBlog: Board of Visitors meeting (Feb. 5 2014)

The Board of Visitors meets on Feb. 5 to discuss a number of different issues ranging from room and board rates for next year to new ways to engage with alumni. In case you were wondering, what is the Board of Visitors?

Here is a list of some agenda items for today's meeting:

Low enrollment leads to Law School tuition freeze

During its final meeting of 2013, the Board of Visitors voted on Dec. 12th to freeze the tuition of Mason’s law school for the upcoming school year.

The tuition freeze was prompted by low enrollment numbers at the law school, which have been dropping steadily since 2010, with a decrease of approximately 84 students from 2010 to 2012.

Dan Polsby, the dean of the law school, attributes the low enrollment numbers to the economic recession and a limited job market for new lawyers.

Editor's Blog: Mason's Board of Visitors donates overwhelmingly to Republican candidates

Conversation about last year's gubernatorial election was partly dominated by the role of campaign finance. Both major candidates raised a large amount of money, including millions from out-of-state donors, to help fund highly partisan campaigns for governor.

Board of Visitors motions to alleviate military student issues

As class registration season is in full swing, a motion recently passed by the university board of visitors has a new effect on registration for those in the military. The motion, which began with spring 2014 registration, gives priority class registration to all active duty military members, veterans, reservists and the Virginia National Guard. Mason’s Board of Visitors passed this motion in response to code 23-9.2:3-7 C, established by the Virginia General Assembly, which called for accommodations to be made for military service members due to the scheduling difficulties they face.

Mason Board of Visitors “Ahead of the Curve” on new Virginia law

The Virginia Legislature passed a bill earlier this month that sets forth mandatory requirements for state university governing boards, including Mason’s Board of Visitors.

The bill, #1952, requires governing boards to be transparent in regards to board meetings. However, Rector Clemente, the head of Mason’s Board of Visitors, claims that these requirements are nothing new for them.

Mason plans to boost research credentials through investment, undergrad involvement

As part of its strategic plan, Mason will try to attain a “very high research activity” ranking from the Carnegie Foundation, a research center that measures the research activity of hundreds of universities. The move is part of an attempt to increase Mason’s reputation as a high-class research institution. To reach the goal, officials hope to invest heavily in research projects and to restructure academic programs to make research a more prominent component of Mason’s academic experience.

Strategic plan outlines university ten-year goals

Mason’s new strategic plan lays out the university’s goals for the next ten years, showcasing the priorities of the university and where resources, including funding, should be allocated.

“It’s a structured approach to anticipating our future,” said Michelle Marks, chair of the strategic planning committee. “It will help us concentrate our resources in areas in highest priority to key stakeholders which include students, number one, also faculty, staff, also our community, our region and also the world.”

Board of Visitors approves new degree programs

In order to meet the demands of the job market, Mason has proposed four new academic programs. Starting fall 2014, Mason will provide a Bachelor of Science in cyber security engineering.

A Ph.D. in bioengineering and Masters of Science in data analytics will be available to graduate students.

The proposals for the new programs were approved by the Board of Visitors on Oct. 2. According to Provost Peter Stearns, the next step is approval from the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia, which may take time.

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