Center for Regional Analysis

Eight things to know about Mason’s impact on NoVa’s economy

In October, Mason’s Center for Regional Analysis released a study of the university’s impact on the region’s economy. Universities are regularly cited as economic engines for surrounding communities, but just how much value does Mason generate?

1. All in all, Mason produces $1.14 billion in economic activity.

Mason transportation study receives criticism from smart growth group

A new study by the George Mason Center for Regional Analysis has received criticism from smart growth advocates who believe the study’s results put too much emphasis on road construction as a means for economic growth.

In early October of 2012, the CRA released a study that measured which forms of transportation would help lead to economic growth in the area.

The study projects that by 2040, $977 billion dollars in Gross Regional Product (GRP) will come from automobile use, $298 billion will be from transit, and $67 billion will be from biking and walking.