OPINION: Unpaid internships are something to avoid

Students, professors, columnists and social scientists are all talking about the rise of the so-called “new normal” is the unpaid internship.

Unpaid labor has always been in existence, yet, more than ever, the unpaid internship has taken a prominent position in American economic culture.  

According to the Association of Colleges and Employers, over 63 percent of the nation’s class of 2013 had an internship or “co-op” of some kind. Of those who had an internship, 48 percent worked without monetary pay.

Mason students attend 'Forward on Climate' Rally in D.C.

(Photo courtesy of Brittany Grutter)

On Sunday, Feb. 17, people from all over the nation gathered on the National Mall to hold a climate change rally. This event was called, “Forward on Climate.” Battling through extremely low temperatures and freezing wind chills, over 30,000 people made sure President Obama heard their voices. Rest assured that a major statement was made on President’s Day: from marching up and down the National Mall to chanting for a fight against climate, the crowd made their presence and their cause known. Many students and staff members from our very own George Mason University were present on this historical day.

[COLUMN] Amid Super Bowl win, Ravens still competing for attention in new sports hotbed

[Updated Feb. 4 11:58 a.m.]

On first mention by most Americans, Washington D.C. is labeled as the political center of the free world while Baltimore is heralded as the setting of the HBO TV drama, The Wire along with being the unofficial home of crab cakes and football.

Over the past year, the area known as the DMV has become a hotbed for competitive and successful sports teams following years of futility and just downright mediocrity.  

Top 5 weekend picks November 15

Every week Connect2Mason will offer five entertainment picks for your weekend and week ahead. Ranging from on-campus to off-campus events, Connect2Mason's Top 5 will give you a jump start on your weekend. Here are the Top 5 picks for this weekend:

OPINION: The political motivations behind legislative nomenclature

With the nation just a few weeks away from electing our representatives in Washington, Congress is bottlenecked with legislation. Bills addressing a range of issues, from the financial crisis to foreign affairs, lay waiting for committees to act on them. In reflection of the campaigns’ tones and messages, authors of these bills have adorned their legislation with explicit titles aimed at specific issues.

Top five holiday dates to cap the semester

As finals wind down and the holidays approach, it’s the perfect time to organize a holiday date to awe that special someone. Take a look at these top five holiday date ideas here in the D.C. area that are affordable, but still might get you that kiss under the mistletoe.


5. Getting Cozy