OPINION: The importance of confirming Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense

Chuck Hagel has a good history. Because of his fairly clean, relatively moderate and free-thinking background, it’s not particularly surprising that he was chosen by President Obama to be the next Secretary of Defense. As a Republican senator from Nevada, Hagel voted largely along Republican Party lines, receiving a lifetime rating of 84 percent from the American Conservative Union. After retiring from the Senate, he entered the realm of academia as a professor at Georgetown University.

OPINION: Why the youth vote matters

In 2008, political analysts found that, while the youth vote—those under 30--broke overwhelmingly for Barack Obama, it did not singularly tip the election in his favor. Exit polls from the 2012 election show Obama once again won the youth vote, this time by 67 percent nationally and 61 percent in swing states. Not only was the breadth of the youth vote integral to this election, but the depth, too, played an important factor. Exit poll data suggests that one in five voters on Tuesday was under the age of 30, with half of eligible voters ages 18 through 29 casting a ballot.

OPINION: Why I voted for Barack Obama

On Election Day, I voted for President Barack Obama. I believe that this man genuinely has the interest of every American at heart. This has been one of the most important elections to take place in our nation’s history. If Mitt Romney had won, our future would certainly be a hell of a lot different.

OPINION: Though Romney outperformed in debate, he failed to capture my vote

To me, it is—frankly—surprising that anyone is undecided in this election.

Eastwood's RNC speech embodies ridiculousness in the Republican Party

Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention was emblematic of the absurdity that has plagued the Republican Party in recent years. Lack of preparedness aside, Eastwood gave a speech in which he did two things: he hypocritically declared his support for Mitt Romney and created a personality for President Obama that Republicans wish exists even though it does not.