General Assembly

Editor's Blog: Virginia officials to study "Pay It Forward, "Pay It Back" program

In an online forum with Virginia21, a non-profit lobbying group that focuses on higher education issues, State Senator John Edwards spoke about a new tuition model that may alleviate some of the burden of college tuition.

General Assembly to address burdensome interstate online education regulations

Incorporating online education into Mason’s academic programs was a key component of the strategic plan that was adopted in December of last year.

Proposed state budget could provide support to Mason’s growing financial aid problem

Every year, Virginia undergraduates who demonstrate financial need get a part of their tuition covered by the student financial assistance program (VSFAP).

The amount of money allocated to financial need students has actually been rising steadily over the past few years. In 2007, $108 million was slated for the program, and about $150 million was allocated in 2012.

Editor’s Blog: Restrictions on out-of-state enrollment create space by increasing cost

For the past few years, a group of Virginia state legislators have repeatedly attempted to restrict out-of-state enrollment in the Commonwealth’s public universities.

‘General Assembly’ occupies Mason

The Occupy movement, which has drawn national media attention since emerging in New York two months ago, arrived at George Mason on Nov. 9 when student organizers opened the first George Mason General Assembly. About two dozen people attended.