Mason Recreation to host 12th Annual Student/Faculty Golf Classic Friday

Mason Recreation will be hosting the 12th Annual Student/Faculty Golf Classic at the Penderbrook Golf Club on Friday, May 3, starting at 1 p.m.

The event pins students and faculty against each other in an 18-hole golf tournament, bringing instructors and students together for a friendly competition outside the classroom. The tournament is merely an end of the year event to help in the de-stressing process before Finals Week.

Tale from the Tour: Mason alum Josh Apple begins career on All-American Professional Tour in Arizona

This is the second installment in the diary series following George Mason alum and former C2M sports editor Josh Apple on his experience in professional golf. You can read the first part here

Tale from the Tour: Mason alum Josh Apple's road to professional golf

My name is Josh Apple, a recent graduate of George Mason University, where I served as the Sports and Recreation Editor of Connect2Mason for two years and was a four-year starter on the Division I golf team.

Now I am pursuing my dream and chasing a career as a professional golfer.

This may sound like easy life’s work, but that is far from the truth.