Jordan Foster

Student government leaders present visions at inaugural ceremony

At the ceremonial inauguration for the incoming student government, Student Body President Jordan Foster and Vice President Samantha Wettasinghe spoke about their visions for the upcoming year.

Jordan Foster elected as new student body president

George Mason University’s Student Elections & Disputes Commission announced on April 4 that Jordan Foster, a rising senior, was elected as the next student body president for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Samantha Wettasinghe, also a rising senior, was elected as student body vice president as part of a combined ticket.

The pair won with 796 votes over write-in candidates Donald Garrett and David Noyes, who received 32 votes.

Williams, Foster elected student body president and vice-president

Alex Williams and Jordan Foster win the elections for student body president and vice-president with 933 votes. Full results for the executive and senate races are posted within.