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Mason students honored for a fund to help homeless students

On Jan. 28, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors recognized Mason seniors Yara Mowafy and Jordan Bivings for their efforts in setting up the Student Meal Assistance Fund at Mason.  

Mowafy and Bivings set up the assistance fund last November to assist homeless students by giving the students vouchers to be used at dining locations to help them get meals on campus.

"We're just trying to make it aware to students, that, you know, someone who's sitting next to you may not be able to afford to eat," Bivings said.

Changes to Ultimate Meal Plan cause confusion among students

Mason students with the “Ultimate” meal plan may be in for a shock the next time they try to swipe in their friends at Southside.

Students still have unlimited access to Southside; however, they will only be able to swipe their ID card once every 30 minutes. The change was made after the Mason Card office noticed that students were sharing their meal swipes at Southside with their friends.

Card Office mistakenly processes $65,250 meal plan

A junior George Mason University student recently signed-up for a Super Patriot meal plan and got charged with a little more than she bargained for. About 130 times more, if you do the math.

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