UPDATE: Lab results report Commonwealth mold harmless

The recent complaint about mold in Commonwealth Hall has come to a close.

In a previous Connect2Mason article,  a Commonwealth resident and her roommate expressed concerns about the mold still present in their dorm room and its effects on their health.

In December, George Mason University’s Office of Housing and Residence Life addressed issues with mold growing in the campus dorms. However, the Commonwealth roommates were not satisfied with the resolution.

Mason students continue to find mold in dorms

In December, George Mason University dealt with students’ concerns about mold growth in some of the Fairfax campus dormitories.

Although Mason’s Office of Housing and Residence Life attempted to resolve mold growth in the dorms, some students are still experiencing issues with mold.

One resident of Commonwealth Hall, who wished to remain anonymous, reported mold growing in her bathroom in December. Over winter break, she said, the university attempted to remove the mold.

“They got a lot of it, but there is still more,” she said.

Mason officials address student concerns about mold in dorms

On Dec. 5, university officials met with students to discuss concerns about heightened levels of mold in the Commonwealth and Dominion dormitories.

“There are a lot of rumors going around the halls about mold,” said Chad Fehr, assistant director for resident life in the Rappahannock neighborhood. “We wanted to make sure we address this issue right off the bat.”

Word of mold-related illnesses began early in the week, when some students reported that others were going to the hospital in response to high levels of mold in their rooms and bathroom.