OPINION: Cuts to SNAP may be mitigated by donating to local food banks

For many Americans, November brings thoughts of a gluttonous holiday meal. But, for those Americans enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly referred to as SNAP, November brings a kick in the face reminder of their poverty.

On Nov. 1, a recession era boost in benefits expired, thus approximately 47 million people will have to cope with reduced food stamps just as the holiday season begins. The general consensus within the GOP seems to be that if the food stamp recipients work hard enough, they should be able to pull themselves out of poverty.

Students get a taste of poverty at hunger banquet

Students participating in Hunger and Homelessness Action Week were able to get a taste of what poverty is like this past Thursday.

Hunger and Homelessness Action Week kicks off

Hunger and Homelessness Action Week kicked off yesterday with a brown bag meal packing event. Throughout the rest of the week, the Mason community will be able to participate in events that highlight what it means to be homeless. (George Yanez)