student government elections

Student government to expand advertising for next year's election

On April 4, 30 senators were elected in the student government elections as well as a new president and vice president. The election this year was competitive for senators, with 41 candidates running for 30 seats.

Some student government officials believe that additional advertising for the election helped increase the number of candidates running.

Jordan Foster elected as new student body president

George Mason University’s Student Elections & Disputes Commission announced on April 4 that Jordan Foster, a rising senior, was elected as the next student body president for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Samantha Wettasinghe, also a rising senior, was elected as student body vice president as part of a combined ticket.

The pair won with 796 votes over write-in candidates Donald Garrett and David Noyes, who received 32 votes.

Mason Student Government holds spring elections

Students have until 11:59 p.m. on April 3 to cast their vote for student body president, vice president and 30 senators (photo courtesy of George Mason University Student Government).

This week marks the end of the Spring 2013 elections, in which a new president and vice president will be elected.

One executive ticket includes Jordan Foster and Samantha Wettesinghe, two current members of student government. The other executive ticket includes write-in candidates Donald Garrett and David Noyes.

Garrett, a student senator from 2010 to 2012, is running for president while David Noyes, a senator from 2012 to 2013, is running as his vice president.

Though Garrett is a write-in candidate, he believes that he has an equal chance of winning.

“We’ve found that talking to people face to face is better than throwing events,” Garrett wrote in an email. “Building rapport with students this way is the best path towards victory.”

Student government prepares for spring elections

Mason Student Government is preparing to hold its spring elections for student senate, president and vice president of the student body.

According to the student government website, “the Senate is responsible for passing all legislation brought before it, including resolutions that give statements on the opinions of the student body, and bills that provide funding for Student Government events and activities.”

Starting Monday, Feb. 18, packets to file for candidacy are available for students to pick up at the Office of Student Involvement.