General Assembly to address burdensome interstate online education regulations

Incorporating online education into Mason’s academic programs was a key component of the strategic plan that was adopted in December of last year.

Editor’s Blog: Restrictions on out-of-state enrollment create space by increasing cost

For the past few years, a group of Virginia state legislators have repeatedly attempted to restrict out-of-state enrollment in the Commonwealth’s public universities.

Editor’s Blog: Mason’s funding problem in one question

At a regularly held budget forum on Oct. 10, two senior university officials painted an optimistic picture of the future of Mason’s finances, but emphasized that many challenges remain.

Provost Peter Stearns and Senior Vice President JJ Davis, presented a number of data sets revealing little support Mason receives as a public university. For example, out of Virginia’s six doctoral institutions, Mason receives the lowest per-FTE (full time equivalent) student funding. At the same time, the university spends 62 percent that of its peer institutions.

Editor's Blog: State's newest residents are more educated than the average Virginian

According to census reports, residents who have moved to Virginia from out-of-state or abroad have higher educational attainment than the state’s current residents.

As of 2012, about 51 percent of new residents moving to Virginia have a bachelor’s degree or higher. The state’s current average is 35 percent.

The data set, first published by, described a number of characteristics of Virginia’s newest residents.

Of the state's new residents, 20 percent are foreign born and the median age is 27.

Report: GMU men's basketball had shortfall of $2.3 million in '11-'12

On Monday morning, the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission released a report detailing non-academic services and costs of higher education public institutions in Virginia.

The report addressed a number of issues facing the current landscape of college athletics, specifically in the state, including funding, student fees and revenue generation of basketball and football programs. 

Shrinking support raises questions about higher education funding priorities in Virginia

Compared to older state universities, Mason receives the least funding per-student than any other public doctoral institution in Virginia. As less and less of Mason’s budget is supported by state funds, questions are raised about how the Commonwealth supports higher education.

McDonnell touts higher education accomplishments at Mason

Governor Bob McDonnell (R) visited George Mason University on Aug. 15 to talk about higher education in Virginia and the progress that his office has made in conjunction with state universities, special interest groups and private industries.

“Ultimately we want to get young people graduating, paying off student loans and getting a good job,” McDonnell said. Speakers commended and highlighted the success of McDonnell’s 2009 higher education proposal, which he announced in the same room in Mason Hall four years earlier.

City of Richmond bids farewell to 24-year March tradition in CAA tournament

The city of Richmond has been the heart of the Colonial Athletic Association men’s basketball tournament for 24 years. However, next year when March rolls around, the Richmond Coliseum, that hosts the event, will be missing its weekend attraction as the tournament moves north to Baltimore.

OPINION: Why smokers on campus should be mindful of other people

If you’ve been to Starbucks, Innovation Hall or the breezeway between Robinson A and B anytime recently, you have probably noticed the hoards of smokers that congregate outside the doorways and socialize. For smokers, it seems these are some of the go-to places to burn a butt between classes. Normally, smokers don’t bother me. I’ve been exposed to cigarette smoke most of my life, having two smokers for parents.

OPINION: Kaine empathizes with American people, Allen falls short

The very fact that George Allen has primarily run his campaign touting his record and credentials as a responsible “fiscal conservative” is perhaps the most ridiculous assertion I have heard all campaign season, and that is saying something. The best comparable analogy would be General Pinochet boasting about his stellar human rights record. As is often the case in politics, Allen’s rhetoric about being such an ardent deficit hawk simply fails to match reality.