Board of Visitors approves new strategic vision

On March 20, the George Mason University’s Board of Visitors unanimously passed a resolution to adopt President Ángel Cabrera’s new strategic vision for the university.

The Mason Vision is intended to provide groundwork for the administration to make decisions regarding the future of the university.

“We have worked in drawing a picture of what we hope will be inspirational and aspirational picture of the type of university we want to build in the future,” Cabrera said to the Board.

Cabrera releases working draft of university vision

On Feb. 5, George Mason University President Ángel Cabrera released a working draft of the Mason Vision.

Mason hosting town halls for input on strategic vision

In an effort to create a new vision for the future, George Mason University is hosting a series of town halls that will allow students, faculty and staff to provide input on what they believe should be included in the strategic vision.

“We really do want to be as inclusive as possible,” said Carrie Klein, project manager for President Angel Cabrera’s office. “And reach as many people on campus as we can.”

Cabrera will present Mason's vision next year to the BOV

He is not running for political office, but George Mason University President Ángel Cabrera has been on what he calls a “listening tour.” He has been meeting with students, faculty, staff and alumni to try and form a vision for the “next chapter” of Mason.