WAVES sends students off with tips to keep safe over spring break

While Spring Break can be fun and relaxing, it can prove to be dangerous to some college students. WAVES held safety awareness events during the week of March 2 to help prepare students for Spring Break.

One of the events was called “Sex on the Beach.” Named after the fruity cocktail, Sex on the Beach was an informative event that discussed the dangers of mixing alcohol with sexual activity. According to statistics, 50 to 72 percent of sexual assault perpetrators were under the influence of alcohol in sexual assault cases amongst college students.

Letter to the Editor: How Mason has engaged the student body about a Good Samaritan policy

A recent issue in Fourth Estate discussed concerns regarding the University’s lack of a medical amnesty policy, or a ‘Good Samaritan’ policy as it is commonly known.

WAVES promotes interdisciplinary panel as part of Turn Off the Violence Week

As part of Turn Off the Violence Week, sponsored by Wellness, Alcohol, Violence and Educational Services and Mason’s Counseling and Psychological Services, the faculty at the Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict on the Arlington campus promotes the Legacy of Rape panel event as an informative way to teach students about rape.

National rise in Molly use leads officials to raise awareness

Kathryn Hernandez first heard about Molly in a popular song on the radio.

Hernandez, a criminology major at Mason, didn't think much of the song until she received a mass email from Rose Pascarell, vice president of University Life, warning students about the dangers of the drug Molly.

"You always hear about it in songs on the radio, but I didn't know that Molly was something big on campuses," Hernandez said. "So her email really brought it to the forefront that it's becoming a problem among college students."

January news briefs

WAVES hosts opening

Wellness, Alcohol and Violence Education and Services hosted an opening event on Jan. 31 in the Southside lobby. WAVES is a merger of the Office of Alcohol, Drug and Health Education and Sexual Assault Services. The department offers free condoms, 24-hour crisis line, free confidential oral HIV testing and consultation on a variety of topics such as personal health matters, inter-personal violence, stalking, intimate partner violence and sexual assault.