Blast from the past: Mason Day

With Mason Week in full swing and Mason Day just around the corner, C2M gathered GM View footage of Mason Days of the past, spanning from 1991 - 2007.

For a full list of Mason Week events click here, and for a list of Mason Day activities click here.

International Week turns 31

The 31st annual International Week kicked off this past weekend. The week, which is a George Mason University tradition, showcases the various cultures of Mason's diverse student body.

C2M's Alicia Thayer collected GM View video footage of International Weeks from the past and compiled them together into the above video.

Blast from the past: Greek Week

Fraternities and sororities across the Mason campus are celebrating their annual Greek Week today through Friday. In honor of this week’s Greek Week, C2M's Alicia Thayer compiled GM View footage of Greek Weeks spanning 14 years back from 1991 to 2005.

A blast from the past: homecoming

With Homecoming 2011 just around the corner, C2M's George Yanez dug through old footage of past GMU homecomings and compiled them into a video showcasing one of Mason's favorite traditions. 

Introducing GMView Rewind: a year-long blast from the past

Although the team at Connect2Mason covers what's happening now and what's happening next at George Mason University, we have a deep appreciation for our roots. Because we're entering another decade of school years, we found it only appropriate - and fun - to look back at where we've been. 

Enter GMView Rewind.

Parking Issues Date Back to early 90s.

Guess how far students had to park back in 1992? Take a look at a clip from GMView's episode and you'll get a good laugh. Courtesy of GMView. See full episode here.

GMView Video Yearbook 1992 Part II

Check out the hottest Halloween costumes from 1992, The grand Patriot's Ball, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, International Week as well as a glimpse of what parking was like back in 1992--It may surprise you! Brought to you by GMView.

AUDIO: What's Up Weekend?

In this week's What's Up Weekend podcast, Matt Loffman and Christian Yingling talked with Student Government President Devraj Dasgupta and Vice President Tyler King. Also listen up to hear more about illusionist Justin Kredible who will perform on campus on April 24.

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    GMView Video Yearbook 1992 Part I

    According to this episode, it's hip to be square. Watch what Mason was like in 1992 when students built bonfires and floats during homecoming. Stay tuned for a halloween segment in Part II. Watch the first episode here.

    GMView Video Yearbook 1991 Part IV

    "Study hard, party hard, graduate in four years." Sometimes advice for freshmen always stays the same. Watch what Mason was like back in 1991, courtesy of GMView.