It’s Not Over, It’s Just Getting Started: A Review of RadioRadio’s debut EP “It’s Over”

“Garage Pop” is a self-description for the ages. RadioRadio really is more than a catchy combination of genres.  RadioRadio is a melodic and smooth blend of bubble gum, heartbreak, grinding guitars and the soul of two guys who truly love what they are doing with their life.

"It’s Over,” the band’s debut EP, though rough around the edges, is the product of Matthew Storm and Joshua Miller. Mixed by the two, the EP has a “low-key” style. The lyrics are the product of heartbreak and revelations that only someone with the lyrical ability of a front man like Josh can pull off.

While you can clearly hear the influence of bands like Brand New in the lyrical content of songs like “Rooftops,” you can see the unique ability of Matt to make a gritty guitar blend well with Josh’s unaltered, incisive vocals. The combination engraves into your brain and leaves you wondering what the band will sound like in ten years.

The passion captured in “Flabbergasted” has a feral yet sophisticated ‘screaming at the wall’ effect.  The musical build-up brings your heart to an unanticipated halt and revives you when the vocals ooze a sentiment that you feel from head to toe.

Even with the seriously emotional connection you get from the lyrics, you feel the bands commitment to having a good time. The music isn’t about perfection.  It’s about getting to the heart of the matter, and making good music. They are able to cut the shit and put out a song that catches your attention and leaves a beat or lyric pulsing in your brain.

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