Mason Closes Again Tuesday, VCU Game Still Scheduled

With uncertainty on when paths will be cleared, commuter safety and another projected 10 to 20 inches on its way, George Mason University will remain closed tomorrow, Feb. 9. As of Monday evening, the men's basketball game is still scheduled to take place. 
(Photo submitted by Mason student Jenna Rowland)

It’s something nearly unheard of at George Mason University: two snow days in a row. Citing safety concerns and more projected inclement weather, and marking the second full snow day of the semester, Mason has decided to cancel classes on Tuesday, Feb. 9.

According to Press Secretary Daniel Walsch, safety was the main factor when it came to making the decision to close school.

“[The factors going into closing Tuesday were] the overall safety of the university, looking at parking conditions, the ability of people to get in and get out and the weather forecast,” said Walsch. “There is a prediction that we could get hit with another 10 to 20 inches of snow tomorrow.”

According to Walsch, Mason had planned to have completed the clean-up process from this weekend’s previous snow storm — affectionately referred to by area residents as the ‘Snowpocalypse’ or ‘Snowmageddon’ — by the start of the day tomorrow, but the prediction of significant snowfall beginning in the afternoon prompted the decision to close. Walsh noted that the school felt it was a “prudent decision to close,” in light of the potential storm.

Students agreed with the decision to close school an additional day on Tuesday.

“I think they made the right decision to close,” said Eryn Lindsey, an undeclared freshman. “I think that going to class tomorrow may be dangerous due to the snow and ice that is still on the walkways, especially in Presidents Park.”

Sophomore psychology major Erin Martyn was also pleased with the decision to close school.

“I agree because not only do I enjoy a good snow day, but Mason does have many commuters, and it would be way too dangerous to have everyone drive in for an hour or so long class,” said Martyn.  “Even just walking to and from classes is currently dangerous — there is ice everywhere. I am also glad that they sent out the closing alert when they did because now people can just plan to say inside tomorrow and not try and go to classes, only to find out that they were just cancelled.”

As for the Mason vs. Virginia Commonwealth University men’s basketball game tomorrow, Walsch said that the game is still on.

“As of the moment, the weather would have to be so awful [to cancel], and it is really rare and unusual [for a cancellation to happen],” said Walsch.

Some students like Lindsey, however, did not agree with the decision to not reschedule the basketball game.

“Considering the potential impending snow, I think it may be a good idea to reschedule it,” said Lindsey. “The weather could certainly affect the number of people that come to the game.”

According to Regional District Manager of Sodexo Denise Ammaccapane, Dining Services will operate its services tomorrow as they did Monday, Feb. 8. Southside will maintain its typical weekend hours, from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. Gold Rush will be open as well.

Starbucks will continue operating 24 hours, and Ike’s will be open until 4 a.m. per usual. One Stop Patriot Shop will also operate typical weekend hours.

According to Ammaccapane, management and staff will not be put up in a nearby hotel tonight, as they did this weekend, but reservations have already been made for tomorrow night if weather conditions are to deteriorate.


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