Rumors of Luke Hancock transferring surface

Brian Mull, a beat writer for UNCW who also covers CAA basketball, Tweeted earlier today that “George Mason guard Luke Hancock is expected to transfer. #caahoops.”

As of 11 a.m., Mull has not revealed his sources and it remains speculation.

Maureen Nasser, Associate Athletic Director for George Mason University, said she has no knowledge of Hancock planning to transfer.

She only found out about the rumor through Mull’s Tweet, and said Hancock has not spoken to any representative of Mason about planning to transfer.

“As far we know, he is looking at his options,” Nasser said.

Every player has the option to transfer following Jim Larranaga’s departure and the subsequent hire of Paul Hewitt.

According to Nasser, sophomore guard Rashad Whack is the only player to have officially filed for transfer. He remains undecided, however.

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