Disney styled 'Wonderful World of Mason' chosen as theme for Homecoming 2012

Photo used with permission from Homecoming website.

The Wonderful World of Mason has been chosen as the theme for Homecoming 2012, which will be based on the films and songs of Disney.

“[We wanted] to find a theme that everyone can connect with and stand behind,” said Dennis Hicks, associate director of the Office of Student Involvement. 

The Homecoming logo is based on a Disney World emblem in which the iconic Mickey Mouse ears sit atop the Spaceship Earth dome, with a basketball replacing the dome and a Patriot hat in place of the ears.

Student Involvement avoided using any copyrighted images to circumvent infringement issues, according to Hicks.

All Homecoming events match the Disney theme, including the “We Can Go the Distance” pep rally, “Look for the BARE Necessities” scavenger hunt, and “You CAN Fly!” can stacking contest.

Homecoming will also feature a parade and office decorating contest.

“We’re trying to push team competition even harder this year to encourage participation,” said Hicks. 

Student organizations are encouraged to form teams to participate in the competitive events.

Hicks expects more specific information about the events to be available by Dec. 1.

More information can be found on the homecoming website.

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