Prince William campus constructing new student apartments and laboratory

While George Mason University’s Fairfax campus has been the focus of most of the school’s expansion and construction, development is well underway at the Prince William Campus on two new projects.

The first, Beacon Hall, is a housing project expected to open mid- to late- October. The building project experienced a series of setbacks and the project's manager Michael Boeckl said a final date is indeterminate at the moment. The apartment style housing is designed to house 152 graduate students, with one or two bedrooms in a suite with a kitchen attachment. 

“Beacon Hall will not only house graduate students on Prince William Campus, but also from the Arlington and Fairfax campuses," said Boeckl. "There were, at one point, one hundred occupants that had contracted but some have dropped out since. Once the building is occupied, the university will be looking for more people to filter in throughout the year.”

Beacon Hall also contains 15,000 sq. ft. of retail space, though potential stores are still in the negotiation phase. The buildings include 10,000 sq. ft. of facility space for meeting and study rooms. 

The two bedrooms and two bath accommodations with 720 sq. ft. will cost each student $730 per month. The studio apartment option with one bed and one bath, ranging between 372 and 385 sq. ft., will cost $960. Finally, the one bedroom and one bath apartment with 565 sq. ft. will cost $1,230. Each will also require a $300 deposit.

The total cost of the housing project is $14,257,868.

The second project is the Life Sciences Lab Building. The building will be immediately adjacent and physically connected to Discovery Hall. The Life Sciences Lab will be broken into several components, including the Center for Applied Proteomics and Molecular Medicine. CAPMM is devoted to studying the interactions of proteins and the implications of these exchanges on molecular medicine.

Currently, CAPMM is spread across several buildings on the Prince William Campus, but will be consolidated into the Life Sciences Lab Building upon its completion.

The total cost of the lab building is $30,770,128.


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