University to expand online dining orders

(Photo courtesy of Mason Dining)
(Photo courtesy of Mason Dining)

George Mason University Services is planning to expand the dining system to include online food orders.

“We are looking for web-based opportunity,” said Mark Kraner, Executive Director of Campus Retail Operations .

According to Kraner, the new system would allow students to go online and place their orders with participating restaurants. After entering in their G numbers, and the order has processed, students may then pick up their food. Faculty and staff, or anyone with a Mason ID, would also be able to utilize the new system.

University Services ran a trial for Pilot House using kiosks in the Eastern Shore and Hampton Roads with computers where students could place orders. However, the amount of orders became too excessive for Pilot House staff to manage.

“As a result, there was a negative delivery process,” said Kraner.

University Services is working out ways to resolve the issue, possibly by increasing the staff.

Kraner assured that University Services is working closely with the Information Technology department, and that personal information will be secure online through this partnership.

There is not yet a tentative date for when online ordering will be available on campus. University Services is awaiting security clearance from the Mason IT department.

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