Everlasting Life Café no longer coming to University Hall

The Everlasting Life Café will no longer be coming to University Hall (photo courtesy of GMU).
The Everlasting Life Café will no longer be coming to University Hall (photo courtesy of GMU).

Everlasting Life Café will no longer open a location at George Mason University because café management made an economic decision to terminate the lease, according to Mark Kraner, executive director of Campus Retail Operations.

Everlasting Life Café serves 100 percent vegan food with organic and raw options, according to their website.  The café planned to occupy a space in University Hall this semester, however, after finalizing the construction costs they withdrew.

“The cost to construct the restaurant, build a kitchen, install the ventilation system, fit out the service and seating area, exceeded the amount they were willing to spend,” Kraner said. Kraner also said the university lost the rent they would have gained from Everlasting Life Café because of the terminated lease.

According to Kraner, there are other restaurants interested in the University Hall space. University Services is in the process of finalizing a letter of intent to work out a lease with a potential pizza restaurant. If negotiations do not work out, the university intends to find another restaurant to rent the space to.

Everlasting Life Café would have been an entirely vegan food option on campus. University Services reached out to other vegan-friendly restaurants to replace Everlasting Life Café, however, those interested backed out.

“It’s too bad that they aren’t coming anymore, but there are still places on campus to get vegan food like Sprouts and Southside,” said senior Megan Lennox.

Kraner also said most prospective companies are uncomfortable with “the peaks and valleys” of campus locations; the holiday break and summer schedule is a large concern for them.

According to Kraner, if negotiations go well with the pizza place, a lease will be signed, he hopes, in the next 30 days. Einstein Bros. Bagels will still be added to University Hall, however, and will open Monday, Oct. 29, said Kraner. 

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