Mason leaders share their New Year's resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions: What are your Mason related New Year’s Resolutions?

Ángel Cabrera, President



Peter Stearns, Provost

(Photos courtesy of George Mason University.)“[Laughs] Never thought of it. I have enough trouble with my own. We are looking at the new vision for the university, let’s get the vision firmed up, we hope to have it finalized by mid-March, and then we start figuring out how to actually implement it.


Andrea Bartoli, Dean of the School for Conflict and Analysis and Resolution                                                   

“1- I resolved to work cooperatively and digitally, to lead the whole School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution into the world of 24/7/365 intensive collaboration where everyone is invited to do better all the time through the interactivity of many, collegial, friendly partners.

2- I resolved to listen to the students more regularly and have a Dinner with the Dean at least once a month

3- I resolved to launch the Point of View campaign as the occasion to bring together the whole S-CAR community build in the first 31 years to prepare it for the next 30!”

Alex Williams, Student body President

 “My Mason-related New Years resolution is fortunately already happening.  We in SG have a strong relationship with many university offices and the student orgs with student reps in SG; however, we do not have as strong a relationship with those orgs who do not have students in SG.  Therefore, my New Years resolution is--building off of our campaign slogan of "putting the student back into student government--to personally reach out to these orgs.  I sent a personal email to 102 orgs last week, and my Cabinet will be reaching out to student orgs in their respective departments.  The goal, again, is to build a working relationship based on human-to-human contact (as opposed to a simple FB post or spam email) with as many orgs as possible.  The greatest asset Mason can provide students is the human resource, and I want these orgs to know they have a human resource in SG.”

Jordan Foster, Student Body Vice President

“I would like to have an amazing Lobby Day on February 7, and create an effective relationship with the state legislature. I also want to work to create an exciting Mason Day with the new programming organization that has replaced Program Board and Weekends at Mason (Patriot Activities Council). I want to be sure to reach out to housing and build that bond between SG and HRL, and there is one surprise event we are working on with University Life that I am very excited for as well.”


Samantha Wettasinghe, Student Government Executive Chief of Staff

“I have been working with Jordan as well a few others on Lobbying Day happening on February 7th and that is my biggest priority right now. My goal specifically with that is that we have all of those interested in participating ready and prepared for the day and on the actual day for all of us to go down to Richmond and really have our voices heard and to represent our school really well. Other than that my focus outside of academics is working in Student Government and being a good support for those planning events and trying to begin initiatives. I would love to work closely with them and be able to push for these initiatives to get up and running.”

What is your New Year’s resolution? Write them below!

(Photos courtesy of George Mason University.)

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