Mason students find jobs teaching elementary students chess

Mason students play chess at afternoon Silver Knight sponsored event (photo by Hannah Kreider)
Mason students play chess at afternoon Silver Knight sponsored event (photo by Hannah Kreider)

Silver Knights Chess Company offers George Mason students an opportunity to coach elementary students in chess. 

"You've got to start young," says Sharon Buttram, Silver Knights' Human Resources Manager. "Most parents are looking for programs for elementary school kids, more than they are for middle school or even high school students."

With programs in over 40 schools throughout Northern Virginia, Silver Knights offers elementary students a chance to strengthen their chess skills and develop critical thinking.


The company also offers chess coaching to children through weekend tournaments, clubs, and camps outside the school year, offering scholarships for children in need. 


Farid Simrick, a 2011 GMU alumni and current Silver Knights employee, shared his own job experience. "[Silver Knights is]an ideal job for a student who likes chess. It is part time, which leaves plenty of time for studying." 


According to Simrick, working with children benefits not only the child, but the teacher.


Simrick said, "By working with children, students can learn more about themselves through patience, discipline and connecting with one's inner child."


He also added that employees effectively improve their communication skills and abilities to relate with the students by working with Silver Knights. 


Students do not have to be experts at chess to work with Silver Knights..


"You have to know the rules, and that's more than just how the pieces move," Buttram explained. "So long as you recognize all the legal moves, that's a big start."


Silver Knights will be seeking Mason students during this upcoming Fall Career Fair on October 2 and 3, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students are encouraged to register online at Students seeking additional information about Silver Knights Chess Company can visit

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