C2M Dining Reporter Nicole Lewis

Mason Dining offers healthy choices across campus

George Mason University students no longer have to fall victim to the clichéd “freshman fifteen.”

Mason Dining now offers a variety of healthy food choices amidst the presence of fast food, as well as opportunities to meet with a registered dietitian.

University to expand online dining orders

George Mason University Services is planning to expand the dining system to include online food orders.

“We are looking for web-based opportunity,” said Mark Kraner, Executive Director of Campus Retail Operations .

According to Kraner, the new system would allow students to go online and place their orders with participating restaurants. After entering in their G numbers, and the order has processed, students may then pick up their food. Faculty and staff, or anyone with a Mason ID, would also be able to utilize the new system.

Mason Dining makes changes across campus

Anyone who has explored George Mason University’s Fairfax campus over the past few years has noticed continual changes in the dining options. This year is no exception.

An Einstein Bros. Bagels has been added to Mason’s Fairfax campus, located in the Engineering Building. Mason Dining’s Resident District Manager Ram Nabar stated there will be another Einstein Bros. Bagels open for business, tentatively by Oct. 22, in University Hall.