Fourth Estate Lifestyle Reporter Meghann Patterson

Walnut Street Theatre charms Mason with heartfelt production of "Driving Miss Daisy"

The Walnut Street Theatre performed “Driving Miss Daisy” in their third production at Mason's Center for the Arts.

On Feb. 7, excited “Daisy” fans gathered in the Center of the Arts’ Concert Hall as music from the jazz age set the tone for the evening’s play. “Driving Miss Daisy,” directed by Bernard Havard, is a story about friendship and acceptance.

The New Black shares a new perspective on homophobia

Many student organizations within the Mason community teamed up to present a new film exposing the dangers of homophobia at the JC Cinema.

Some students are unaware of the ongoing homophobia within some black communities in Maryland that surfaced after the election of 2008 when President Barack Obama was first elected  and Proposition 8—a proposition to outlaw gay marriage—passed in California.

The Goddess Diaries voices the true stories of real women


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Mason’s Women and Gender Studies department alongside the Theater Department are sponsoring the 4th annual production of The Goddess Diaries compiled and written by Carol Lee Campbell.

WAVES promotes interdisciplinary panel as part of Turn Off the Violence Week

As part of Turn Off the Violence Week, sponsored by Wellness, Alcohol, Violence and Educational Services and Mason’s Counseling and Psychological Services, the faculty at the Center for the Study of Gender and Conflict on the Arlington campus promotes the Legacy of Rape panel event as an informative way to teach students about rape.

Fall for the Blog: Sonia Sanchez

Fourth Estate follows events of the Fifteenth Annual Fall for the Book Festival through Fall for the Blog.

Award-winning poet Sonia Sanchez explores pain and love during poetry reading at the Center for the Arts.