George Yanez

Dear Patriots: Is there 'no place like Mason'?

The Mason community braved cold weather conditions on Saturday to partake in this year's homecoming parade, block party and game. The Patriots beat the ODU Monarchs 62-45.(Jake McLernon)

Share your story: snow lows

When George Mason University announced classes were canceled on Wednesday afternoon, students, faculty and staff scrambled to get home. However, most found unparalleled traffic and gridlock, with some citing commutes of seven hours or more—some even being stranded all together.

A blast from the past: homecoming

With Homecoming 2011 just around the corner, C2M's George Yanez dug through old footage of past GMU homecomings and compiled them into a video showcasing one of Mason's favorite traditions. 

HIV awareness hits the stage at annual concert

The above video was shot and edited by C2M's George Yanez who was on scene for this year's HIV Awareness Week concert.

Alpha Phi holds 2 day Philanthropy event

C2M's George Yanez recaps on Alpha Phi's King of Hearts. (George Yanez)

Fraternities and sororities stroll for a cause

The Strolling Competition was held in the SUB 2 Ballroom, hosted by the Lambda Theta Alpha sorority.

What not to eat at Thanksgiving

Student Media's Karima Scott and C2M's George Yanez interview Ma