Staff Writer Justin Lalputan

To Believe Or Not To Believe: The Role of Religion in Politics

One of the principles that America is founded on is freedom of religion. People are free to believe in whatever they want. In addition, we also have a separation of church and state, but in reality, I think that’s a joke. We have raging debates about things like gay rights, abortion and stem cell research because of religious preferences; if we had a true separation of church and state, topics like these wouldn’t be a debate at all.

The new Republican movement: America needs a stronger Republican Party

To start with, politics are not something that I usually get involved in. Sure, I’ll have a friendly debate with someone about abortion or stem-cell research, but I generally don’t involve myself with either the Republican or the Democratic political parties. However, I must say that I don’t like what I see on the news these days.

Since the Republicans lost the 2008 presidential election, they’ve seemed like a political party that didn’t have their feet on solid ground.

The birds and the lights: Mason’s battle against nature

One of the things that I love about George Mason University is that we’re constantly upgrading and improving our campus. One thing that we can say about our campus is that we always have a lot of construction going on.

Recently, Mason has decided to upgrade the streetlights and replace them with brighter ones. At first look, this seems like a good move, however, the installation of these new lights may have some unforeseen consequences.

he U.N. and its role in the world: How it affects and shapes our modern politics

A few years back, when I first watched Hotel Rwanda, I was completely shocked and horrified. I was just finishing the 8th grade, and while I’d heard of the Holocaust and cases like it, this movie was raw to me.

One of the scenes in the movie that got to me was when a news reporter was talking about apathy.

People actually knew that this was taking place, but there was no intervention by the United Nations to save the people who were being killed, and as a result, thousands died.

Supreme Court approves corporate funding of presidents: Will the corporations of America now have control over who is elected?

The Supreme Court of the United States has recently approved unlimited corporate funding of presidential campaigns by way of a case called Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. This has come as quite a shock to many citizens who feel that this will give corporations too much power over presidential elections. I also feel that there are simply too many downsides to this ruling for it to properly work in our democratic system, however there are some that disagree with me.