Staff Writer Pras Gustanto

Mason celebrates 40th anniversary of Earth Day: University goes green

Earth Day this year will mark a special occasion for both the world and for George Mason University.

It will mark the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day, a day that is designed to inspire knowledge and recognition about the Earth’s environment.

Sunday, April 25 will also be Mason’s first official Earth Day trip to the National Mall. This will be the climax of a series of Earth Week events at Mason that started on April 6 and will end on May 1.

Kicking out the Tuesday Jams: Small turnout ends up ‘adventurous’

It was not exactly the ideal type of day for an outdoor jam session.

The afternoon was sunlit and windy, temperatures reached up to the 90s and the wind blew so strongly that hats and class papers were flying all over the place. Not the best conditions for a concert.

Nor was it the most intimate. The venue is located outside of the campus Starbucks, next to a dormitory staircase exit. Occasionally, the sound of students shutting the door would interrupt the flow of the music.