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INFOGRAPHIC: Faculty Pay at Mason

With ongoing forums and discussions about Mason's budget, here is everything you need to know about faculty pay at Mason:

Costs block development of Greek row

Mason has twenty fraternities and sororities that recruit in the fall and sixteen more that accept members throughout the school year. Yet without campus-provided housing, the groups face unique problems like reserving spaces for events and forming their own living arrangements. Members often room together or rent houses off campus.

Freshmen prepare for Student Senate elections

In less than a week, freshmen and transfer students running for Student Senate will begin campaigning. The candidates will have the chance to campaign over social media and on campus to win support until voting  begins on October 15.

Alcohol incidents more than double on campus

The 2013 Annual Security Report, released in September, shows a drastic increase in alcohol related arrests and referrals on Mason’s Fairfax campus between 2011 and 2012. While the number of alcohol related arrests decreased from 111 arrests in 2010 to 99 in 2011, the number rose sharply to 247 in 2012, representing a 62 percent increase.

New shuttle service begins from Sandy Creek to Burke VRE

Posters around the Fairfax campus announce a new shuttle route from the Sandy Creek on-campus stop to the Burke VRE train stop on Sept. 23. According to Parking Services Coordinator Ann Moran, the service was added in response to requests for a new shuttle from staff and student commuters-- some of whom travel as far as Fredericksburg. The annual Parking and Transportation survey, first opened in May 2013, enforced these requests. Josh Cantor, director of Parking and Transportation, communicated with the VRE staff and received permission to add a Mason shuttle stop to the Burke train stop.

Virginia's Lieutenant Governor candidates debate at Mason

Tuesday night at the Arlington campus, the candidates for Virginia’s Lieutenant governor talked higher education, sequestration and mental health among others in their first appearance together and their only debate of the election.

Republican E.W. Jackson and Democrat Ralph Northam took the stage together in Founders Hall to answer debate questions moderated by WUSA reporter Peggy Fox.

Strategic Planning Committee outlines its vision for the future

Throughout September and October, the Strategic Planning Committee is holding a series of town hall meetings discussing the strategic vision for George Mason University accepted in March. Whereas the vision represented the "why", President Ángel Cabrera termed the current planning process as the "what", or the changes in store regarding growth, research, and more. The "how" is yet to come in the form of the implementation process, which will begin after the "Strategic Plan 10-Year Goals" is approved. Cabrera hopes this will be in December, but if changes are proposed by the George Mason University Board of Visitors, he expects to present the revised plan in February.

Virginia's candidates for Governor discuss higher education

In Virginia this year, low unemployment among 18-24 year olds and higher education is brought to the forefront of the governors’ debate. Virginia21, a non-partisan group dedicated to educating Virginia’s 18-26 year olds, reports the current economic recovery largely excludes that same age group, wages for 21 year olds have fallen 5.4% since 2011 and people under 25 are twice as likely to be unemployed as the general population.

Mason offers counseling services in wake of Navy Yard shooting

In response to the shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington DC that left 12 dead and many more injured, George Mason University President Ángel Cabrera sent out an email to students offering access to Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Director speaks about award winning documentary at Mason

George Mason University’s inaugural 9/11 day of service included bake sales, fundraisers for veterans, clothing drives, gardening and more.  Capping it all off was the screening of “Where Soldiers Come From,” a documentary following a group of friends who enlist and deploy to the army right out of high school.