Fourth Estate

Letter from the Editor: Winter break coverage

It’s been a busy and exciting first semester at Fourth Estate.

Mason Inn Task Force to make drastic changes to hotel’s business model

Since its opening, the Mason Inn has lost roughly $11 million dollars. Jennifer Wagner Davis, Mason's senior vice president for administration and finance, estimates that the Mason Inn loses between $2 to $2.5 million annually. Davis said, in regards to the lost money, “we have taken it all out of the auxiliary enterprise reserves and we are now below our level of reserves that we need to run the institution appropriately.”

Libertarian candidate for governor visits Mason

The Virginia Governor’s race is heating up between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli. In order to build awareness about the other options in the election, third party candidate Robert Sarvis visited Mason, where he visited the Honors 131 class of Mason’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Professor Steven Pearlstein and answered questions from students and guests.

Five things you need to know about student life leaders

1.      They get paid

RAs, Peer Advisors, and Patriot Leaders all receive a stipend in the beginning of their working semesters, with amounts depending on the position. For those looking for work on campus, it’s a little-advertised option to consider.


2.      There’s a hierarchy

Weekly crime log includes larceny and peepers

In the early morning hours of Oct. 17, a laptop and charger went missing from the Fairfax Campus Starbucks, worth an estimated cost of $1,500. Two days later, property was stolen in President’s Park. On Oct. 20., property valued at $320 was stolen from the Hampton Roads housing building. These thefts, and other crime incidents, are available on the George Mason University Police Department’s Crime Incident Log.

Student Senate delays action on "Access Mason"

On Oct.10, a resolution to support the creation of a program, “Access Mason” failed 2-13 in Student Senate due to a lack of information about the program. Access Mason was designed to enlighten high school students, who otherwise might not be considering college as an option, into what  the experience of attending college is like, how they can afford it and the opportunities a college degree provides.

English department offers new Ph.D. in Writing and Rhetoric

This year, the Mason English department added a new Ph.D. in Writing and Rhetoric to its list of offered degrees. According to leaders of the program, Ph.D. students in Writing and Rhetoric are exactly what organizations in the nation’s capital need. 

Infograph: The Parkway Controversy

In the middle of the debate over the proposed parkway connecting Loudoun and Prince William Counties, President Ángel Cabrera has voiced his approval of the project. Cabrera claims the new road will bring increased business for Northern Virginia and more students for Prince William Campus. However, the parkway's opponents claim the issue isn't so simple.

School of Dance Awarded 2013 Excellence in Academic Program

This spring, the George Mason School of Dance was awarded the 2013 Excellence in Academic Program Review.  The Excellence in Academic Program Review is an award given annually to the department that has an excellent APR report as declared by the Office of Institutional Assessment.  There are five prerequisites that the school departments must show they adhere to and go beyond what is required.  These qualifications include dimensions such as “reflective and meaningful discussion of data and assessment findings” and “well-formed action plans based on evidence”.